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We are Colorado’s leading team bonding authority. Our Team Adventures will motivate, energize, create cohesive groups or improve communication skills, and increase knowledge retention. These activities can provide insight to the strengths of individuals. At the same time they teach participants that by working together, the team wins. The people that create the backbone of your organization will take home an invaluable experience. Most importantly their experience will create lasting memories of the FUN they had.

All Team Adventure events include the challenges, facilitators, planning, scorekeeping systems, team identifiers, team captain agendas, maps with event instructions and an emcee. Props and decor can also be added to enhance the theme and feel of the event.

We will work with you to arrange all of the logistics of the event including as venue selection, catering, entertainers, and speakers if needed.

Most of us have, at one time or another, participated in team-building activities that were a pointless waste of time. Which is sad, because high functioning teams is the most important competitive advantage to organizational success. If you want engagement, commitment, and results, you must invest in your teams. In fact...

A team-building event with Colorado Team Building could be the most strategic thing you do for business this year.

With every event, we create a structured strategic approach that will actually build your team. We put a lot of time and thought into the agenda so that your event achieves your goals and delivers an outcome that supports your overall strategy.