Survival Island

The group of castaways will be broken into tribes that go head to head at each reward challenge. Immunity challenges will be set up along the way, giving the tribes more opportunities to earn extra points. Each tribe will be given the tribal ‘buff’ colored. The Tribe leader will be given tree mail with their day’s agenda, a team banner and they will need to create their tribe name and a chant for the Tribal Council.

The Reward Challenges:

  • River Rafters
  • Catch of the Day
  • Blind Leading the Blind
  • Tribal Stompede
  • Target Shoot
  • Castaway Course
  • Corks & Keys
  • Wicker Flicker
  • Go Fish
  • Coconut Maze Race

The Immunity Challenges:

  • Tan-Dy-Gram
  • Auction Memory
  • Island Trivia
  • Flag Designation
  • Word Warrior